Day Care

Our Integrated Home and Day Care (IHDC) programmes provide day and home care services to eligible persons to support their care within the community.

Our team of professionals comprising nurses, therapists and social workers work together to devise a care plan for each person under this programme.  

We offer short and long-term care options. This can help individuals looking for respite care or care relief to support their loved one with their daily care needs. Our care centres are positioned as a one-stop facility that integrates day care, community rehabilitation, and nursing care.   

Every individual has unique needs, and our IHDC programme allows for the flexibility of being cared for at home with the addition of specialised treatments at our day care centres. Our seniors can continue to live at home while having access to appropriate treatment and care services for their needs.

We provide day care services in 3 nursing homes and senior activity centres across Singapore. We are continually exploring the expansion and repackaging of our day care services to cater and meet the rising demand of day care services in Singapore.