Brand Story

ECON Healthcare Group is a leading premium eldercare provider in Singapore and Malaysia. Integrating the best of East and West medicine, we bring a holistic and innovative approach to care in the region.

It started with a question

"When you can help someone with a simple gesture, why not?"

In a developing Singapore in the 1970s, where the roads were paved in soil and gravel, there was a run of the mill kampong boy who diligently followed his mother to the market daily. While making a routine trip with her, he noticed a stone, about the size of a fist, in the middle of the path. Pedestrians and cyclists were making attempts to avoid the stone on their busy commute.  

The boy’s mother instructed him to pick up the stone and move it to the side of the pathway. She simply told him that someone might trip over that piece of work and injure themselves. If a simple gesture of moving the stone benefits users of this route, why not?

It was at that moment where he understood the meaning of compassion, kindness and respect. It moulded the values of this little kampong boy who then founded ECON Healthcare Group.

Founder, Mr Ong Chu Poh (PBM, BBM), currently serves as Group Executive Chairman and Group CEO. Upon raising sufficient capital, he left his high-paying job in a multinational company and proceeded to open his first nursing home at Telok Kurau with only 5 staff and 17 beds. The home aims to provide an amicable environment where seniors spend their golden years with dignity and respect.

Today, that humble nursing home has turned into a leading premium private nursing home operator in Singapore and Malaysia operating 10 medicare centres and nursing homes. We recently launched our first nursing home in Chongqing, China.

Our position as the industry leader in eldercare stems from the vision and hard work of our founder, Mr Ong Chu Poh – who continues to be ambitious and optimistic in providing quality care for seniors and families, making care accessible for all.