Senior Activity Centre

The birth and philosophy of ECONLIFE! Hub was to create a lively senior activity centre that creates opportunities for seniors to bond, interact and age gracefully in, and with the community.

We are the first private organisation to manage and operate senior activity centres under the name of ECONLIFE! Hub, in Singapore.    

ECONLIFE! Hub is also a one-stop resource centre for the senior community and their families where we provide free information and medical referral services. Members and their families are welcome to use the communal space for birthday celebrations and participate in a roster of dynamic activities which we organise all year round.

We operate a total of 2 ECONLIFE! Hubs across Singapore, located within the neighbourhood for seniors to participate in community befriending, community health education, and programmes designed to empower healthy aging within the community.

Our ECONLIFE! Hubs across Singapore have become a gathering place within the heartlands, with activities ranging from educational workshops, games and karaoke to simple pastimes such as gardening.