Medical Transport

The ECON Ambulance Services takes pride in making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We provide door to door transportation support, with responsiveness, safety and comfort. Over the years, we have developed differentiated services to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.

ECON Medical Transport and Escort

Our Medical Transport Services (MTS) provides convenient and safe conveyance of patients who have been discharged from hospitals and require specialised transportation home. Our MTS is also part of the SCDF 1777 Non-Emergency Ambulance network (NEA).

Our dedicated crew is also experienced in managing patients with mild psychiatric conditions who require follow-up care at respective institutions.

Our Service

Medical Standby for Events and Medical Evacuation

We provide field standby for events such as Family Days, Cross Country Events, Sports Days and more. Our ambulances are also available for airport or seaport evacuation services

Medical Transport

Specialised transportation to ferry patients to and from hospitals for admission or discharge, for medical appointments at clinics or hospitals, as well as for medical treatments at dialysis, rehabilitation and radiation centres. In addition, we also facilitate transportation from Singapore to West Malaysia as a repatriation service.

Passenger Transport

We have recently added wheel-chair access vehicles (WAV) to our fleet to serve clients (and their caregivers) who require transfers to hospitals for SOC appointments, post-operation reviews, physiotherapy and even dialysis. These vehicles do not resemble ambulances and can reduce some anxiety and distress in some passengers.

ECON Transportation Services

For more information and to make a booking, call us at +65 6382 8888