Chinese Medicine (TCM)

In addition to providing patients with a full suite of services at our TCM clinics, we also offer specialised TCM services for residents that complement our core Nursing Home and Home Care services. This approach alleviates problematic symptoms, improves the health of our residents tremendously and helps to sustain a better quality of life.

Our Team

Our renowned Traditional Chinese Medical treatment is administered by a team of highly experienced and dedicated certified physicians accredited by the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB). ECON is a pioneer in embracing the best of Western Medicine and TCM to offer a unique and effective blend of preventive and treatment healthcare services.

For Home Consultation and Nursing Home TCM Services, contact us at +65 9765 8050.
For the full range of our TCM services and clinic locations, visit the ECON TCM Website.


ECON offers a full suite of TCM services both in our Nursing Homes and Home Care services, as well as standalone clinics.