nursing home visitor guide

Visitor Guide

Thank you for your patience as we enable you to visit our seniors safely.

ECON Visitor Policy

  1. Visits are by appointments only.
  2. Visitors without appointments will be turned away.
  3. Each resident can only have two sponsor designated visitors during this period.
  4. Each resident can only receive one designated visitor per week.
  5. All visitors must sign-in and be screened for travel, health, and contact history.
  6. Each visit should not exceed the allocated 20 minutes.
  7. Visits should only take place in the designated area(s).
  8. Maintain at least 1 to 2 metres safe distancing at all times.
  9. Visitors must wear masks at all times.
  10. Please wash your hands with soap or hand sanitiser before you enter the nursing home, and especially before you interact with the resident.
  11. Visitors must adhere to all guidelines as advised by the nursing home.

Visitors who disregard any part of this policy may be turned away.

You can only book an appointment seven days in advance. This is to allow more families with opportunities to secure time with their loved ones.


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