Corporate Growth Strategies

Our vision for growth and success in the region is supported by our commitment to quality of care, strength in innovation and our capability in fulfilling holistic care needs.

Leading private nursing home operator, well positioned to capitalise on the growing ageing population in the region

Attractive opportunities for growth

Our existing marketing presents attractive opportunities for growth as the rapidly ageing population outpaces population growth. We are well-positioned to scale and expand our service offerings to meet the increasing demand for quality private nursing home services.  

Centre of excellence for eldercare

Our brand, “ECON” is well-recognised and trusted in the private nursing home industry and markets in which we operate in. We remain relevant with our strong emphasis on delivery of quality care services as our care staff go through induction and regular competency training with our inhouse training academy.

An eco-system of care

We offer an eco-system of care and provide a wide range of services encompassing all aspects of eldercare. Our model of care is built upon an individual’s care continuum as well as support for the caregivers. We complement western medicine with our Traditional Chinese Medicine, allowing our elderly individuals to enhance wellness with an integrated care approach.

Strong operational know-how and track record over the years that can be leveraged on for our expansion across the region

Operational expertise

We have built up a resilient business model and excellent operational know-how that we can leverage as we expand and grow our business in existing and new markets.

Human capital investment, technology and innovations

Human capital is a core component of our business. Growing and nurturing a highly motivated and efficient workforce and developing our talent pool is critical to our Group achieving successful growth and operations in the region.

Proactively embracing technologies and new innovations are imperative for us to improve our service delivery and operating efficiencies. By increasing our rate of digitisation, we continue to improve efficiencies in inpatient care.