Cook/Assistant Cook

Touch lives through your food as you provide our residents our healthy and delicious meals.

About the job


  1. To be responsible to the Centre Manager / Home Manager / Nurse-In-Charge in all matters pertaining to the kitchen. You will be reporting directly to the Centre-In-Charge or Home-In-Charge or Nurse-In-Charge.
  2. To prepare and cook all meals, e.g. lunch, tea and dinner by following the daily menu planned.
  3. To be responsible for cleaning of cutlery/utensils after every meal.
  4. To maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen floor, all kitchen utensils and equipment.
  5. To wash, clean and maintain the refrigerator in a most hygienic condition.
  6. To ensure that all food are properly cooked and kept in a most hygienic condition.
  7. To prevent excessive wastage of food. To cook sufficiently for the residents as well as staff.
  8. To prepare specific diet for residents as and when required.
  9. To count and record every item taken out from store and raw ingredients/food for cooking.
  10. To be responsible for ordering of all raw ingredients/dry goods and provisions for cooking weekly through your immediate superior.
  11. To be responsible for ordering all vegetables daily and meaty goods weekly through your immediate supervisor.
  12. To be responsible for the keys to the store, refrigerator and dry goods cupboard.

Roles & Responsbilites

Be part of a dynamic team that renders life and hope to seniors.

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