nursing and elderly


As a family, we grow together, support each other and learn together: sharing all the joys and challenges of being in the healthcare industry. It is only in a supportive community that enables us to bring hope and joy to the residents that we serve. There are a wide variety of vocations that we always hiring for, so we invite you to join the ECON family today!

Nursing Homes

Working within the eldercare industry is a calling that requires the most caring hearts and skilful hands, bringing transformation to residents who have lost their independence and identity.

Nursing Aide

Be a life-giver. Support seniors in daily activities, providing them dignity and purpose of life as they live out the best of their remaining lives.

Staff Nurse

Staff nurses are pillars of light at ECON. They lead teams of nurses and caregivers that give life, love and peace to seniors and their families.

Enrolled Nurse

The enrolled nurse is responsible for the provision of personalised nursing care for seniors. Together, we bring joy and peace to seniors and their families.