Our Values

Through our distinctive Western and Traditional Chinese integrated care approach, ECON Healthcare Group has gained recognition as a leading provider of eldercare services in the region. Our innovation in eldercare has been driven by unchanging values since our first nursing home was established in 1987.

The Bonsai Philosophy

We believe that beyond physiological needs, every person who crosses our path lives a unique life, and hence blossoms differently.

The Bonsai is a brilliant example of how delicate care can restore even the most neglected of our neighbours from the inside out. ECON’s industry experience thoroughly informs our specialised care approach, so we can empower elders and care partners to make healthful decisions.

No matter which stage of life we’re at, every single day presents unlimited purpose and human potential. We are here to journey with you - to uncover, celebrate and live out that potential.

For all your eldercare needs

ECON offers a full suite of services to bring peace of mind and comfort to the journey of ageing.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision
To be a premium and leading brand in healthcare services in the Asia Pacific region, recognized by our customers for our holistic approach, personal touch and technological advancement.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to provide high quality and customer-focused healthcare services. We will achieve this by focusing on:

  • Customer Needs: Being sensitive to our customers' needs
  • Research & Development: Improving our services through constant research and skills development
  • Quality System: Continuing to be highly systematic and organised in our service delivery and quality control
  • Networking: Building up our local and international network with our partners in healthcare
  • People Development: Caring and grooming our people to set and achieve higher goals

Our Quality Policy
We are committed to deliver cost-effective and customer-focused quality healthcare services to our customers at all times.

Our Promise
Always giving you our best care and attention.

The ECON Logo

The ECON Logo represents a well-integrated and committed organisation that provides quality nursing care, combining the excellence of both Eastern and Western medical practices.

The distinctive letter M, embracing the Cross and the Heart, signify excellent medical service, professional and dedicated nursing care.

The bold words ECON positioned beneath the letter M represent the strength and foundation of the establishment, reflected by the extensive experience and industry leadership of the organisation.

The red dot symbolises a rising sun that marks our lifelong commitment towards community healthcare services. The combination of the word ECON and the traditional red Chinese seal represent a well-balanced Eastern and Western approach that underpin our holistic model of care.

  • Green signifies the presence of life and flourishing in the midst of community.
  • Red signifies compassion, vitality and purpose found as a family of elders, sponsors and staff.
  • Black signifies uncompromising values, set in stone from our first day of operations.