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Our Services

  • Pain Management

We understand the detrimental effect that back and neck pains can have on your life. Acute or chronic back and neck pains could be caused by degenerative conditions such as cervical and lumbar spondylosis (arthritis affecting the spine), degenerative disc diseases, prolapsed intervertebral disc (slipped disc) due to stresses in daily life, or from acute strain. Through a combination of hands-on techniques (joint mobilisation and manipulation), therapeutic exercises (strengthening, flexibility, core stabilisation, McKenzie) and electro-physical modalities, we can help you reduce your pain, and improve your strength and modality. Regardless of the cause, we can aid you in managing your pain, and guide you through the rehabilitation process. 

  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

We manage injuries such as fractures of arms and legs and those caused by industrial and road traffic accidents (RTAs).

  • Geriatric Rehabilitation

At ECON, we understand that older people have special needs. We treat and analyse their functional decline and optimise their ability for movement and independence. We also make it a point to provide training and education for caregivers to ensure that older people can live in a safe environment with fall prevention measures in place. We make it our mission to ensure that the older generation receive the care and comfort they deserve.  

  • Stroke Rehabilitation Programme

Physiotherapy can help improve your strength and function by using special techniques to promote normal movement. Based on the theory of Neuroplasticity, we re-educate the body to move more naturally. Our committed physiotherapists do what it takes to help patients regain their balance and walk again. It is important that stroke patients receive treatment as soon as possible or their condition could worsen over time. As such, we recommend that caregivers learn appropriate transfer methods to facilitate a speedy recovery. 

  • Sports Injuries

Sport enthusiasts often experience painful sprains and strains. Sometimes, these injuries could be due to excessive physical activity. It could even be attributed to a progressive injury owing to faulty training techniques or imbalances in biomechanical stresses. Without proper rehabilitation, there is a high risk of recurrent injuries. This could seriously hamper your ability to participate in such sports. That’s why at ECON, we do our best to help optimise your healing process by providing you with the right balance of strength, flexibility, balance and agility. We go out of our way to help both recreational and elite sports people achieve peak performance. 

  • Posture Re-education

We can help you manage your pain through a combination of hands-on techniques and therapeutic exercises. These include strengthening, flexibility, core stabilization, Mckenzie, as well as electro-physical modalities.

  • Hand Therapy

Sometimes, hand injuries can result due to overuse, or accidents at work such as when the hand is trapped in a machine, etc. When this occurs, our occupational therapists are always ready to assist you in regaining the necessary dexterity and day-to-day functions of your hands. 

  • Splinting

We offer both ready-made and customised hand-splints for support post-operatively.

  • Home Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation can sometimes be a long process. As such, we provide rehabilitation services for your loved ones who require home physiotherapy even after they are discharged from the hospital or nursing home. These include evaluation, planning and implementation of rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Providing quality care is always important to us. As such, our dedicated therapists bring along modern and mobile equipment to your homes for the therapy.

  • Physiotherapy Treatments

We take pride in being able to offer customised treatments which suit your condition. Only the most effective and appropriate programs are selected to help you control pain, improve mobility and functional abilities, facilitate healing of injured tissues and aid in muscle strengthening and balance training.   

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