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Why Choose ECON Medicare Centre and Nursing Homes?

Our Credentials

ECON has a proud history of accolades for providing quality services in our nursing homes. Our resident centric care system has received good reviews and won many awards.

Accolades and Accreditations:

a. ISO Certification

b. Singapore Quality Class (SQC)

c. Singapore Promising Brand

d. National Skills Recognition System (NSRS)

e. In-house Certified Training Centre

f. National Healthcare Recognition Awards for nursing staff


Our Range of Services

We provide specialised sub-acute and geriatric nursing services. We also provide additional services when required: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Ambulance Services, Stroke Care, Post Surgery Care, Chronic Disease Management, Wound Management etc.


Our Facilities and Environment

We uphold high cleanliness standards.

We ensure conducive, low noise levels for the comfort of our residents.

We provide recreational and private areas for residents to relax or spend time with family members.

We practice of responding to Call Bell system within 1 min in the day and 5 mins in the night.

Our facilities are built to be elderly-friendly. All common areas, rooms and doorways are elder friendly and designed for wheelchair use. Handrails are built in the hallways and grab bars in the bathroom. Toilets & Bathrooms are clean, dry and brightly lit with anti-slip flooring.


Our Staff

Our staff practise high standards of care and courtesy.

We have a full time registered staff nurse present at all times.

Our nursing assistants are qualified and experienced.

Our homes have a full time resident doctor available 24/7.

We have in-house physiotherapists and Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians to provide additional wellness programmes for residents.


Our Activities

As part of our commitment to add years to life and life to years to our residents, we believe in caring for both their mind and body. Our daily activities allow our residents to get some exercise, and interact with each other. We also conduct regular outings for residents to enjoy the outdoors.


Our Diet

Our meals are planned by dieticians to give residents the nutrition they need. Therapeutic diets are also available for residents with special dietary requirements.