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Introduction to ECON Medicare Centres & Nursing Homes


"We believe in quality care for a quality life, and to add years to life and life to years for the seniors under our care. Care is not an event, but a process, and we constantly look at what will create the highest quality of life possible for the residents under our care."

A well-recognised brand locally and in Asia, ECON Healthcare Group owns and manages a chain of Medicare Centres and Nursing Homes in Singapore and Malaysia.

A pioneer in providing quality eldercare nursing home services since 1987, we have developed best practices in the management and delivery of senior care. A 'resident-centred' approach is adopted in the design and building of the Medicare Centres. Needs of the seniors are considered and incorporated with the industry practices for building of elderly-friendly facilities.

Our service model is built on a senior's care continuum, and provides for the health and medical support, social and psychological needs of an elderly, as well as support for the caregivers. Integrated with eastern and western philosophies in the care and management, we provide our residents with holistic eldercare services and solutions.

Committed to provide accessible and quality eldercare services to the Community, we have expanded our presence across Singapore and Malaysia. In 2013, we commenced operations for our flagship purpose-built Medicare Centre located in Taman Perling, Johor Bahru. This newest Medicare Centre in Taman Perling was awarded the Winner for Special Recognition Awards for "Facility" - Assisted Living during the Asia Pacfic Eldercare Innovation Awards 2013, in conjunction with the annual Ageing Asia Investment Forum (AAIF).

The Group was also awarded for Outstanding "Eldercare Services" Innovation during the Asia Pacfic Eldercare Innovation Awards 2013.