Management Consultancy

ECON Healthcare Group has built upon its experience and expertise and developed a set of unique capabilities towards the design conceptualisation, development and management of elder-friendly environments. The basis of our design concepts draw upon the basics of Universal Design (UD), where the main objective of design is to create an environment that is accessible by all. Apart from our local establishments, a shining example of our success is the development of an integrated elderly community within the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park.

We are also an affiliated partner of several local government agencies and institutions, and over the years we have worked together to develop standards, provide training and manage specialised centres. These partnerships are a testament of our professionalism and credibility in the area of healthcare and eldercare.

We provide Consultancy and Management in the following areas:

Hospital / Integrated Elderly Friendly Environments and Communities
• Design Conceptualisation
• Development
• Management

Healthcare and Eldercare
• Training
• Facility Management