2011 Opening of new ECON Health & Wellness Centre at Bishan in January 2011. The    centre provides residents of Golden Jasmine (GJ) Studio Apartment and the    neighbouring community a fun and lively space, with a range of complimentary    and paid services, where residents can socialise and interact with neighbours,    friends and families. It is a one-stop centre where residents can get together for    social activities and be supported with health and wellness advice from our    physiotherapists and TCM physicians.
2009 Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between China Healthcare Limited    and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Land Co., Ltd. on 24 May 2009 to    jointly develop a retirement village within the Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou,    China. China Healthcare Limited will provide ECON Brand consultancy and    know-how in the planning and construction of the project, besides managing    day-to-day operations and management of facilities upon completion of the    project.
  Re-opening of Medicare Centre at Recreation Road in May 2009.
2008 Unveiling of renovated Sunnyville Home in October 2008.
  Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Air Ambulance Asia of China    Healthcare Limited and Singapore Technologies Aerospace Limited for provision    of air ambulance medical and evacuation services.
2007 Opening of new ECON Medicare Centre & Nursing Home with specialised care for    people with dementia at Buangkok.
  Unveiling of the new West Point Hospital by Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam,    Minister for Finance and Education, MP for Jurong GRC
  Agreement signing between a subsidiary of China Healthcare Limited and    Chengdu Tianli (Group) Co. Ltd for a joint project undertaken to develop Mt.    Jiguan Nature Mountain Scenery, Healthcare, Sports and Recreation Park. The    signing was witnessed by Assoc Prof Koo Tsai Kee (Minister of State for    Defence), Mr. Huang Xiaoxiang (Vice Governor of Sichuan Province), Minister Lim    Swee Say and Mr Li Minglin (Minister Counsellor, Embassy of PRC in Singapore    and was reported in the Lian He Zao Bao newspaper on 8 September 2007.
2006 Holding company’s change of name from ECON Healthcare Limited to
   China Healthcare Limited to better reflect the geographical location of the
   Group’s operations and its strategy to seek further growth and development
   through overseas expansion, principally in the People’s Republic of China.
  Acquisition of stake in hospital equipment manufacturing company in
   Zhuhai, China
  100% acquisition of West Point Hospital in September 2006
2005 Signing of Principle Point of Agreement on Framework of Co-Operation with
   Liaoyang City Government
  Investment in Boxuan (Zhuhai) Medical Equipment Pte Ltd
  Opening of new ECON Medicare Centre at Chai Chee
  Opening of new ECON Medicare Centre at Chua Chu Kang
2004 Opening of 1st Overseas ECON Medicare Centre in Malaysia

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between China Healthcare
   Limited (formerly known as ECON Healthcare Limited) and Tan Tock Seng
   Hospital for collaboration in planning, design and development of hospitals
   and other healthcare facilities; and to provide management services and
   training for development of healthcare services in China.

  Signing of Memorandum of Agreement between Econ Careskill Training
   Centre And Flinders University of South Australia on Nursing Education
2003 Opening of new ECON Medicare Centre at Braddell
Conferred the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) status by SPRING Singapore.
  Acquisition of Stake in West Point Family Hospital
Winner of the Singapore Promising Brand Award; organised jointly by the
   Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Lianhe Zaobao
2002 Publicly listed of holding company, China Healthcare Limited (formerly known
   as ECON Healthcare Limited)on the Singapore Stock Exchange on 11th
   December 2002
  First in the industry to upgrade our management system to the
   ISO9001:2000 Standard Certified by SPRING Singapore.
  Our Group Chairman/CEO was awarded the Top Ten Entrepreneur of the Year
   2002 given jointly by the Rotary Club and the Association for Small and  
   Medium Enterprises (ASME).
2001 Awarded 5 out of 11 Best Nursing Staff Awards given by the Rotary Club of
   Singapore East.

Appointed by SPRING Singapore to lead the nursing home industry to set
   performance skills standards under the National Skills Recognition System
2000 Building of first purpose built Medicare Centre well-equipped with
   comprehensive rehabilitation equipment and modern facilities.
1998 Sole and exclusive commercial nursing home provider to be invited by Tan
   Tock Seng Hospital to provide extension ward management service
1996 First in the Nursing Home industry to be certified ISO 9002 Standard for our
   quality management system by Productivity and Standards Board.
1987 Setting up of first nursing home in Singapore