Accomodation in Malaysia


We do our best to ensure that your loved ones feel at home at our centres and homes. At ECON Healthcare, your loved ones can enjoy a variety of choices. For more privacy, premium rooms come along with the convenience of an attached bathroom, telephone and television set. Or you could also choose an open ward for your loved one to foster new companionships in the same ward.

Choice of rooms

  • 1 to 4-bedded room
  • 5 bedded (only at Taman Perling branch)
  • Open ward

We aim to provide a "Home-Away-from-Home' experience for our residents while they are here with us. Enhanced features include (only at Taman Perling branch):

  • Individual wireless nurse call bell system for safety and emergency situations
  • Wide windows to allow natural air and light flow
  • Rounded edges for all furniture to ensure safety
  • Non-slip flooring to ensure safety

Natural lighting is a prime consideration in the building design. General uses of window areas along the wardrooms create day-lit interior spaces that are less reliant on artificial lighting. Furthermore, public areas such as the café and recreation areas are wrapped with curtain glass façade to allow maximum natural lighting while the horizontal sunshades above reduce the amount of internal glare.

For more information about our new branch at Taman Perling (Johor), please click here.