Home Beyond Home
ECON Medicare Centre is not merely a nursing home. It is a “Home Beyond Home” Medicare Centre. As the leading service provider in rehabilitation, convalescent and nursing home, our modern Medicare Centre is a showcase of a one-stop purpose-built healthcare centre for the community.

The Centre has excellent facilities and equipment to provide a safe, good, clean and “home-like” environment for our residents. We also believe in “East meets West” medicine to maximize the therapeutic effects for our residents.


Best Care And Fun Loving
At ECON, we give you our best care and attention.. It’s a healing space like your home. We believe in providing quality services to our residents. Our emphasis on quality includes not only the facilities but also our care and services.

We organize activities and fun time to enhance the healing process of our residents.
We celebrate key events like birthdays as well as festivals to create a caring and fun loving environment. Our volunteers and ever effervescent staff come together to make the events fun and memorable at all time.

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